PISEN energizes your life.

Creating For Wonder

PISEN energizes your life.

Creating For Wonder

PISEN energizes your life.

Creating For Wonder


PISEN energizes your life.

Creating For Wonder


What is GaN Pisen PRO?

GaN Ultra: the strive to achieve safe and
fast-charging technology
PROCharge: the optimal solution


Micro-space efficient integration architecture


Full-end adaptive multi-port fast charging technology 2.0


P safe and fast charging technology


Ultra-nitriding safe and fast charging technology

A leading supplier of outdoor energy storage systems in China

*Data of Buy.com as of February 1, 2022




Sold to six continents in the world


Pisen is on a mission to provide customers with both accessible and aesthetic high-tech products.

100 million+users per year

Gained top sales in the industry within 20 years

10000+products launched


Founded in 2003, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China,Pisen,a nationally acclaimed high-tech enterprise is a fusion of quality research, development, design, production, and sales. Our core mission is to integrate renewable energy into charging technology. Our products range from electronics accessories to smart household appliances, car supplies, etc.


Pisen's batteries became a staple for China's“7+2”Antarctic mountaineering and explorationteam; thus, they launched the very first and original“power bank” prototype.


Pisen's Southwest Production Base officially kickstarted its development, with a factory surface area of more than 100 square kilometers as well as a current employment base of 1000+. It has been operating smoothly with an automated production capacity.


Pisen built its unique omnichannel marketing system,“Pisen•Dayda”,which has helped the company embrace the power of the internet.


Pisen officially entered the smartphone accessories market . Using new technology , we began developing protective phone screens, as well as built-in batteries, and continue to transcend boundaries of the current industry.


Pisen established a strategic partnership with the China national table tennis team,
which soon after, led to the launch of“Pisen More”.


Pisen joined the industry of renewable energy. We began manufacturing products such as power storage supplies and charging mechanisms for electric vehicles. In the same year,“ShanCong”(Flash Charge), a rental service for mobile power banks was launched. This spearheaded the start of a new era,“Power Bank2.0”.


The 65W Smart Rubik's Cube Socket was developed with the joint efforts of Pisen and Huawei. Other collaborative products include the 45W Multi-Functional Conversion Socket. Both companies share the aim to make charging Safe and Fast.