PISEN’s corevalue: morality first, quality upmost


PISEN’s faith:scientificmanagement concept, excellentreliant product, professional careful service, createcontinuouscompetitiveness


Pisen's conception of talent: appoint people on their merit, trust our employees, dare to empower employees, create a level playing field, ensure equal opportunity internalin promotion


Pisen's organization atmosphere: unity, collaboration, mutual assistance, diligence, high efficiency


Pisen’s principle of incentive system: fair and balance, position being determined by personal ability, Wage being determined by personal performance, final the group benefit always be first.




Recently we (Guangdong PISEN Electronics Co.,Ltd) have found that some individuals or entities , most of which locate in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, are recruiting staff and training them in other places in the name of PISEN to defraud them of their money and property, which has brought extremely bad influence on PISEN’s fame and brand.


PISEN solemnly declares as follows:


No individual or entity shall publish recruitment information and organize recruitment activities without PISEN’s written authorization. PISEN reserves the right to ascertain its legal responsibility.


Meanwhile, we remind all job hunters that in case of being duped, please make sure to visit those officially authorized recruiting channels to review PISEN’s recruitment information and contact information.


Officially authorized recruitment websites:



•      51job


•      Job20








Once you find that unidentified individuals or entities are recruiting and training in the name of PISEN, please call HR Department and HR Bases of PISEN immediately, and you can also report it or lodge a complaint to the relevant government department.