Pisen 600W energy storage supply

Sale price¥3,493.00

  • 600W high-power output, 220V pure

sinusoidal AC output

  • Materials: large capacity lithium

permanganate power grade cell

(621.6Wh), ABS+PC fireproof

material shell

  • 5 output moddual-use LED

lightinges, smart two-way inverter

  • Supports 9 devices simultaneously
  • 4 charging modes
  • Supports solar panel charging
  • Provides real-time protection and

monitoring of battery status

Product Name: Outdoor Power 600W

Model: TS-OPS01

Nominal capacity/energy: 168000mAh/3.7V 621.6Wh

model:c1:5V-3A 5V=-4.5A 9V—2.22A 12V—1.67A22.5W MAX

model:c2:5V- 3a9v -3A 12V- 3a15v -3A 20V—5A(3.3~1V-5A) 100W MAX

USB1:5V—2.4A USB2:5V=—3A 5V—=4.5A 9V2A 12V=-1.5 a (22.5W MAX)
AC1/2: 220V~ 50Hz(sustained power 600W MAX, peak power 1200W MAX)

Car charger :12V=10A(120W MAX)

LED lighting: 1W MAX

Total output: 600W MAX

Input: DC:12V-30V 150W MAX

Photovoltaic charging: 18V-7.5AMAX

Type-C:5V--3A 9V-- --3A 12V=-3A 15V-3A 20V--5A 100WMax

Status display: LCD screen operating

temperature: -10°C-40°C

Net weight: about 7.4Kg

Size: 303*230*191mm